Arriving soon: the Nice Smart Valley showroom digital, immersive and collaborative!

The showroom of NICE SMART VALLEY will open its doors just after its inauguration scheduled for December 20th. The opening ceremony will take place in the presence of Christian Estrosi, mayor of Nice and President of the City of Nice and President Delegate of the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region, as well as representatives hailing from consortium members. As a preview for visitors to the website, you can begin to discover this innovative space showcasing tomorrow’s electricity grid thanks to a joint interview between Thomas Drizard, operational manager of the NICE SMART VALLEY demonstration, and Déborrah Vanderdonckt, project manager of the showroom.

Thomas Drizard

Chef de projet NICE SMART VALLEY

Déborrah Vanderdonckt


Redaction: What was the initial objective of the showroom?

Thomas Drizard: We wanted to present and explain the principals behind the NICE SMART VALLEY demonstration, especially the role of tomorrow’s electrical system stakeholders. It is based within the innovative territory of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis in order to assure the link between both smart grid and smart city.

Déborrah Vanderdonckt: We also wanted to illustrate the operation of key smart grid technologies, from the distribution substation right through to the individual gas/electrical boilers.


Redaction: For whom is the showroom intended?

TD : Its is intended for everyone: customers who wish to participate on the project, elected representatives and legislators, journalists, as well as experts.

DV : We have managed to develop language elements understandable by all, yet with a technical insight for those who would like to know more.


Redaction: What educational approach have you adopted?

DV: We favored a visual and interactive pedagogical approach. This is due to the fact that we learn better by being an actor in a particular situation.

TD: Concepts are addressed by using different forms. This allows for learning through repetition.


Redaction: What are the key themes represented in the showroom?

TD: In the showroom we find all of the key themes from the NICE SMART VALLEY demonstration: flexibility, storage, islanding, and data, each represented using different forms.

DV: This showroom will tackle the themes of NICE SMART VALLEY as well as the other demonstrations.