Cap Energies and representatives of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis find out about progress on the project!

The Nice Smart Valley team received members and elected representatives of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis, including Christian Tordo, deputy mayor of the City of Nice, in charge of the economy, industry, digital technology, property and urban planning, and Vice-President of the EPA de la Plaine du Var Eco-Vallée development office.

A fine initiative by Cap Energies but also an opportunity for Thibaut Wagner, Youness Hssaini and Vanessa Casacci, operational coordinators of Nice Smart Valley, to review the current results of the experiment and explain the future prospects of this project.

Testimony of Christian Tordo and Anne Marie Perez

Ready, set, island!

All the equipment for islanding is ready, and the system’s operation has been validated in laboratory. The next stage will be in mid-March, namely islanding of the Lérins islands.
The system tested opens up promising prospects for development of the use of storage thanks to a novel system, from the technical and contractual viewpoints, for sharing batteries between the distributor and market player in the general interest.

Flexibility in short

200 experimenter customers, including 180 private customers and firms, 10 private customers equipped with hybrid boilers, the Carros gymnasium and the firm Schneider, were called on more than 30 times to provide flexibility as part of experiments which began last September.

Flexibility is the ability to adapt one’s electricity consumption or production according to the needs of the electricity grid. Everyone can be a flexibility player. Pragmatically, either by acting voluntarily to control one’s electrical equipment, or by entrusting its management to a new player in the electricity system: the aggregator. In this way, the consumer renders a service to the electricity grid, the aggregator being in charge of exploiting this service financially.

Since the end of 2018 the town of Carros has benefited from a highly efficient device, a rooftop hybrid system installed by GRDF, which can now heat but also cool the gymnasium.
A digital portal, called the “e-Flex portal”, has been developed by ENEDIS to automate flexibility operations: it can be used to register customers having established contracts with the EDF and ENGIE aggregators, and to manage flexibility supply and demand.
The recruitment process made it possible to gain a better understanding of customers’ expectations and their engagement, and led the aggregators to innovate in their offers and their support.