NICE MATIN : the electric mobility shift

As part of the Nice Smart Valley experiment, the fleet of vehicles of the company NICE MATIN, accompanied by the EDF Group, contributes since October 4 and until the end of the year to meet the needs of the electrical system.

Indeed, NICE MATIN has just taken the shift to low carbon mobility with DREEV, the joint venture between EDF and California start-up Nuvve, by investing in two bi-directional charging stations and two electric vehicles. The goal: to make its fleet an active link in the electrical system of tomorrow.

Beyond the intelligent load of electric cars at the best times of the day and according to the customer’s journey planning, the energy accumulated in the batteries of electric vehicles can also be used to supply energy to NICE MATIN building, or to the electrical system, when needed. This is the Vehicle To X concept. What does Vehicle to X mean? (X for Grid, Home or Building depending on the nature of the customer’s consumption? It is simple: it is about the energy flowing from the electrical system to the vehicle as well as from the vehicle to the electrical system.

More generally, the electric vehicle, primarily dedicated to mobility needs, becomes, thanks to its battery, an asset that can serve the electrical system.

Economical for the customer, low carbon for the planet and optimal for the electrical system, the V2X is a technological breakthrough at the crossroads of transportation and energy issues, and is a real sign of progress.