NICE SMART VALLEY at the Innovative City 2017 exhibition!

On the occasion of Innovative City on the 5th and 6th of July in Nice, the French smart grid demonstrator NICE SMART VALLEY was present at the stand of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis. NICE SMART VALLEY was represented by a motion design video explaining the function of the experiment. It certainly wasn’t possible for the other consortium partners present at the exhibition to miss the engaging display highlighting the demonstration.

Thomas Drizard (left), operational project manager of NICE SMART VALLEY, discussing NICE SMART VALLEY with a delegation from the United Arab Emirates at the Enedis stand.

The stand of GRDF, a project partner of NICE SMART VALLEY, showcasing a large infographic display concerning smart grids.

A lecture about NICE SMART VALLEY

A panel discussion concerning “NICE SMART VALLEY, the intelligent electric system of tomorrow” brought together the entire consortium and was represented by Christian Tordo, Deputy Mayor of Nice, metropolitan advisor and vice-president of the EPA, Bernard Mouret, Regional Deputy at Enedis, Guillaume Lehec, Department Manager at ENGIE, Patrick Lesbros, Development Deputy at EDF, Jean-Luc Cizel, Regional Deputy at GRDF, Rodolphe de Beaufort, Business Development Manager at GE, and Gilles Rocchia, Strategic Marketing Director at Socomec. Bernard Mouret highlighted the role of Enedis as a “facilitator and binding agent to win over the industrial sector in France.” Patrick Lesbros highlighted the development of NICE SMART VALLEY which “implements technology made in Nice.” Overall a very successful conference with acclaim from a large audience.

Jean-Luc Cizel, Directeur Régional GRDF et Thomas Drizard, Pilote opérationnel de NICE SMART VALLEY.

Le film motion design sur le stand de la Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur.

La conférence sur NICE SMART VALLEY avec l’ensemble du consortium.