NICE SMART VALLEY at the InteGRIDy conference

Within the framework of the international conference organized by the European InteGRIDy project, which took place in Milan on the 15th of September, Thomas Drizard, project manager of NICE SMART VALLEY, presented the French demonstration of the InterFlex project to the attending participants.

Five representatives from European Smart Grid projects were invited in order to share their initial findings and to put into perspective a total of four topics: data management, business models, consumer engagement, and regulation. The event, organized by inteGRIDy, focused on several common topics from the H2020 projects: grid automation, energy storage, the demand response, and electric mobility. The conference was an opportunity to discuss the BRIDGE initiative, another European project which aims to gather the findings from all of the H2020 smart grid and storage projects, in which NICE SMART VALLEY will be the driving force behind proposals relating to business models.
Some additional information regarding InteGRIDy: inteGRIDy is, just like InterFlex, a winner of the call for proposals for Horizon 2020, a European research and innovation program based on scientific excellence, industrial primacy and societal challenges. A total of seven projects, including InterFlex, were selected in June 2016, receiving European funding totaling €90 million. Coordinated by ATOS, the InteGRIDy project was officially launched on January 1st 2017. With a total budget of €16 million, InteGRIDy includes ten demonstrations which will be located in eight European countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, UK, Greece, Cyprus, and Romania. The European project will last four years and includes 30 partners in order to integrate innovative smart grid technologies contributing to an optimal and dynamic management of the distribution system.