Nice Smart Valley showroom, the star demonstrator of the FNCCR congress

On the occasion of the 37th congress of the French federation of concession-granting local authorities and utilities (FNCCR: Fédération Nationale des Collectivités Concédantes et Régies), the operational coordinators of Nice Smart Valley received more than 10 delegations in the space of only 3 days in the demonstrator’s showroom! The rate of visits was intense, with sometimes as many as 23 visitors being received at a time.

Coming from the four corners of France specially to attend this three-yearly congress, the representatives of local authorities, members of associations and utilities and the Vice-President of the FNCCR in person witnessed a presentation of the innovations developed in the French Riviera region at Enedis Côte d’Azur.

Meticulous organization

Generally, the showroom visits last an hour and a half. During this time, the visitors are received by one or more guides, whose presentation is organized in three separate parts. They first present an overview of the project and the consortium of partners. Next, a virtual reality or augmented reality workshop is proposed to immerse the participants in the heart of the electricity grid, and to explain the operation of the Linky meter and a hybrid boiler. The last part is devoted to the results and any discussions.

At this congress, the operational coordinators had to adapt their presentation according to the specific level of technical expertise of each delegation. Once again, the success of the showroom proves to us that the European Interflex project and in particular its local French demonstrator, Nice Smart Valley, enjoy great visibility!